Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dear friends;

I have been reading about abalones and nudibranchs. Basically, a bunch of snails, but not just any snails. There are about 200 species of abalone, eight of which reside in the California sea. I found a mostly intact abalone shell at “our” beach a few weeks ago. Now I can identify it. There are thousands of species of nudibranchs (sea slugs – what a horrible name for some of the most colorful creatures of the sea). I got a couple of books out of the PG library today after walking into town with Sarah. I walked home alone along the coast, enjoying a perfect summer day – well, almost perfect – it clouded up and was a bit chilly. Just the usual gulls, pelicans, black birds, seals – ho, hum. I finally found out what those big spikey “bushes” along the path are – aloe! Imported from S Africa and planted there.


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