Monday, June 29, 2009

Julia Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, California, 2009.

My first trip to Big Sur (not counting January of last year's harrowing drive in a tiny Hyundai rental in the biggest storm of the year along the precipice, during which we didn't see much) was a few months ago. Sarah and I took the MST bus into Monterey and transfered to the 22, the Big Sur line, which has only two runs per day. By the time we got to the terminus, the famed Nepenthe restaurant, we had only four hours until the last bus home. I managed to find the turn off to the beach, and hitched down the two-mile drive to the ocean. It is spectacular, and I had never seen anything like it - and I had ten minutes there! I fired off a few shots with my G9 and my iPhone, and hit the road, getting a ride to back to Route 1 with a lovely older couple. (See my previous photos under the label 'Pfeiffer Beach.') I highly recommend it. Pfeiffer Beach, that is!

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