Monday, July 20, 2009

N scrapbook • The Beach

This photo comes close to summing up the N experience, in some ways. It's a very human scale beach, with a long pier that ends in a T, with a place for boats to sidle up, and a diving board. Just beyond the pier is a raft, a great place to stretch out in the sun, and rock gently with the waves. The rock formation on the right is called "The Cup & Saucer." Above the beach is a grassy area with BBQ pits, a cabana and some woods. Out of the photo to the right is a little building where people store their beach chairs and umbrellas, and there is usually a tanned teenager selling cans of soda out of a cooler for a dollar. There is also a little shower stall. Many of the folks at the beach know each other; some of the families, like M's, have been around since the 1870s. In recent years there are more renters, so there are people from all over, vacationing. It is truly a remarkable place, and I feel privileged to have spent some memorable times there. 

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