Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Walburga (Cold River Series), Charlemont, Massachusetts, 2007

One of my photo shoots with Walburga was at (in!) the Cold River. Charlemont is on the famed Mohawk Trail, which is an extension of Route 2, from Boston to North Adams (home of Mass MoCA). There is also a terrific classical music festival at a little church in Charlemont, as New Yorkers invade the Berkshires for the summer. (I reviewed a concert by Arnold Steinhardt, of the Guarneri Quartet, at the church.) Just before the road heads steeply up into the hills, there is a turnout, and a path down to the river. It is an incredibly beautiful spot. (The photos of ice in a previous post were taken there.) The river roars over boulders, down through the mountainous woods. Walburga was not fazed by the coldness of the river. It was wonderful to photograph her in the water, being in the river with her, watching how she connected with her surroundings. She moves gracefully and thoughtfully, so it was always enjoyable to photograph her, whether on the rocks, in the river, or up a tree. 

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