Monday, July 20, 2009

snapshot • Rico at NJ rest area

Federico Fideli Meli grew up on Federal Hill in Providence, the Sicilian neighbrohood, alongside gangsters. He survived Providence, Viet Nam, and a whole lot more. We became friends instantly, at a party for new students in the Art History program at UMass, c. 1996. We made many trips to Washington, D.C. together, and always made a pilgrimage to the Vince Lombardi stop, the first wayfarer's haven on the infamous New Jersey Turnpike, for some Lombardi Wisdom, and, once, chili cheese fries. (Culinary note: bring some carrot sticks.) It just wouldn't be a trip to DC without a stop to pay homage to one of football's greats. So, here you go, Uncle Freddie - stop complaining that there aren't enough pictures of you on my blog! Don't make me come to Rhode Island...

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