Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Abandoned Gas Station (Front), Pennsylvania, 2004.

Abandoned buildings are evocative, showing either potential for transformation, or the wrecking ball. I grew up with this kind of gas station, so it is quite evocative for me. "Back in the day," you would see mechanics working on cars, guys pumping your gas and asking politely if you wanted them to check the oil, then washing your windows. No gourmet coffee, no mini-mart, no nonsense. It was a sad day when, a few years ago, in Amherst, Massachusetts, they razed an old gas station which had been used for years as a self-service car wash, and built a really ugly bank (just what we need) and stores, stores that look like every other ugly new store in America. I was sad, not only because I loved the funky old gas station, but I missed the friendly, eccentric woman who ran the place. Progress. Not. 

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