Saturday, July 11, 2009

Interior, National Building Museum, Washington, DC, 2004.

Another of my favorite DC buildings is the National Building Museum, not far from the Mall. This unique museum showcases such things as architecture, building technologies and cultural phenomena, always beautifully and inventively displayed. One of my favorite exhibitions was a history of air-conditioning, in which the entrance was a huge sheet-metal duct. Another wonderful exhibition was a history of automobile travel in the United States, replete with a 1940s motel room, with all the amenities. Brilliant. Another great show was on "green" architecture, with a model of a very sophisticated modern modular home. If you like anything related to building, including a painting collection relating to tools, get thee to the NBM. 

NOTE: Please ignore the "Photography Not Permitted" sign in the photo. I got around this by not actually photographing in the exhibit. 


  1. the"green" architecture show was amazing, in that I had no idea so much was being done with bamboo and ... all the possibilities that are available out there. This past April there was a show called "Detour - Architecture and Design Along 18 National Tourist Routtes in Norway."
    It was inventively staged and a respite to all the people bustling in and out of the Building Museum. I was there doing a craft show sponsored by the Smithsonian. I look forward to further exploring your blog.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Was the show you mentioned at the Building Museum? Where are U located? I get to DC pretty regularly; my mother and sister & her family are in DC.