Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monterey Bay Framed by Aloe Plants, 2009.

For months after my arrival in Pacific Grove, I was fascinated by these huge, succulent "bushes," growing along the foot path by the bay. I asked a number of people about these gorgeous plants, whose flowers are long, vertical stalks with bright orange flowers. Finally, I asked a volunteer at the Pacific Grove Natural History Museum, and he told me they were aloe plants that had been imported from South Africa and planted along the coast. Since there are about 400 species of aloe, I have not yet determined the exact type of aloe, but stay tuned - I'll get the answer. Meantime, I enjoy these 6- to 8-foot spherical plants, and the blackbirds that inhabit them, although I have been attacked by the birds several times while walking by, minding my own business. Fortunately, the attack is brief, and involves the bird grabbing my scalp with its feet, which is painless but, well, odd. I've watched Hitchcock's 'The Birds' one too many times to be entirely anxiety-free, especially after being rushed by a seagull a few months ago. 

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