Friday, July 10, 2009

Garden, Monterey, California, 2009.

The recording on the free "trolley" that connects Cannery Row and downtown Monterey during the summer months, claims that Monterey is "California's most historic city." A hefty claim, but one that is, as likely as not, veracious. Did you know that Monterey was California's first capital, before the Gold Rush occasioned the move to Sacramento? Anyway, one of the illustrious personages Monterey claims as its own is Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson, who lived here for a few months, in 1879. It is conjectured that Point Lobos, just to the south, is the inspiration for Treasure Island. Behind the Stevenson adobe in downtown Monterey is the estimable garden pictured above. As an east coast refugee, it is still amazing to me to see these flowers blooming, casually as roses, in people's yards.

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